2017 Dog Food Recall List

The best, most complete list of dog food recalls. Fully updated for 2017.

Click the links to see the specific, important details about each recall.

Date Brand Name Product Type Product
6/19/17 United Pet Group Dog Food Rawhide Chew Products (Expanded)
6/15/17 Loving Pets Dog Treats 3 Different Dog Treats
6/10/17 United Pet Group Dog Treats Rawhide Chew Products
5/6/17 Smallbatch Pets Dog Food Frozen Dog Food
4/18/17 Party Animal Dog Food Canned Dog Food
3/20/17 Barnsdale Farms Dog Treats 3 Brands of Pig Ears
3/18/17 Blue Buffalo Dog Food Canned Dog Food
3/18/17 Wellness Dog Food Canned Dog Food
2/28/17 Blue Buffalo Dog Food Wet Dog Food
2/28/17 Evanger’s and Against the Grain Dog Food Braised Beef & Pulled Beef
2/14/17 Against the Grain Dog Food Pulled Beef With Gravy
2/13/17 Blue Buffalo Dog Food Homestyle Recipe
2/9/17 Giant Food Stores Dog Food Companion Canned Dog Food
2/9/17 PetSmart Dog Food Chicken and Rice
2/3/17 Evanger’s Dog Food Hunk of Beef
1/13/17 Blue Ridge Beef Dog Food Blue Ridge Beef Frozen Turkey


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