Schemes Against The Raw Pet Food Industry (Part 4)

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No. 7 — The Impact on Fresh, Raw Pet Foods

Almost every raw pet food recall is an action by misinformed officials motivated by false information propagated by processed pet food manufacturers. Many once truly raw pet food companies have caved to FDA pressure to sterilize their products, which could increase risk of nutrient deficiency, endocrine-inhibiting plastic exposure, lipid oxidation/rancidity23 and pathogenic re-contamination.

Other raw pet food producers are being bullied by State Departments of Agriculture and the FDA to follow suit, which will decrease your access to the freshest and cleanest pet products on the market. These companies are small, independent and don't make the big bucks because they purchase quality ingredients rather than industry trash.

This leaves them with minimal resources to hire lobbyists or lawyers to help understand and decipher policy, or risk continued bullying from regulators if they don't comply with pressure to recall unnecessarily.

Most small raw pet food manufacturers started their companies because they lost a pet to a corporate pet food giant's processed products, and so they set out on a mission to make better diets for other pet parents. Entire families and livelihoods are wrapped up in these small companies that are driven by passion, not profits, and these small operators have no support in their fight against regulators.

Answers Pet Food is pushing back to make the regulators of the Colorado Department of Agriculture (and eventually the FDA, if necessary) abide by their own laws and policies. The company is demanding regulators stop bullying manufacturers to recall products based on inadequate information that is not scientifically validated or proven.

These efforts are being made at great risk and cost to Answers, but the owners believe it's a worthy cause that will hopefully prevent the elimination of an entire pet food market segment they passionately believe in.

How You Can Help

  • Feed fresh foods to your pet
  • Educate your veterinarian and your friends about feeding fresh
  • Request FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) reports on pet food products you're unsure about
  • Call the pet food company whose products you buy and ask them questions — find out why they went into business, where they source their products, their experience with the FDA and Departments of Agriculture, what steps they take to ensure their products are safe, whether they use mechanically separated, factory farmed, rotten or other types of food industry trash, etc.

If you want to make a difference, ask a pet food manufacturer you like, a pet food advocate or a pet food organization how you can help. And remember: You do make a difference when you make a purchase (when you "vote with your dollar"), and when you participate with others who are passionate about providing fresh foods to pets.