Frequently Asked Questions

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Safe Handling Guidelines

A fresh raw meat diet is 100% safe and biologically natural. Canine digestion is very different from humans. Raw food is digested at a very fast rate due to the high acidic level in their stomach and short digestive tract. It quickly breaks down meat and raw bones. Their system is not designed to process carbohydrates and grains and results in a much longer digestion time allowing all the toxic and impure ingredients to infiltrate their system. Raw meat and bones is the natural way all canines are intended to eat.

As with any raw meat whether for your dog or yourself and family, it is important to use safe handling practices.
Our food is prepared and packaged fresh by TEFCO and immediately frozen. Keep all meat frozen until you are ready to defrost and feed. Defrost your dog food for 24-36 hours in your refrigerator. Keep raw food separate from other food. If you are using the Patties, you can pull them apart and defrost what you need. The same is true for the meaty rocks.
Wash all utensils, surfaces and hands with hot soapy water . Disinfectant can be used in addition if needed. We recommend stainless steel bowls for feeding. Plastic is a porous surface and can absorb bacteria.

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